00 - squashed Greenlands

During the Summer of 2018 – Greenlands Chess Club played two friendly matches in the newly formed Towers Summer Chess Cup. 

The first match was played on July 17th 2018 at Greenlands with Redditch losing the top 6 Boards 5-1. There were 7 Boards played but only the top 6 Boards counted toward the result. 

On the evening of August 9th, Greenlands travelled to beat Shirley & Wythall on the top 6 Boards by 1½-4½ – the bottom 6 Greenlands players did not perform to the same standard as our top 6 players during the 12 games, but only the top 6 Boards counted. This was to ensure comparable results.

This meant that neither Shirley & Wythall nor Redditch could win the trophy. Nonetheless, Shirley won the top 6 Boards of their friendly match with Redditch 5-1 on August 23rd to complete the matches.

Greenlands become the first ever recipients of the Towers Summer Chess Cup – thanks to Nigel’s generosity.  

Pictured below, Nigel Towers of Redditch (Right) proudly presenting the Cup to Greenlands Captain Kevin Hurney. 

Nigel and Kev best 1.jpg