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The Policy wording reproduced below is practically identical year upon year, but in 2020. Corona Virus may have caused significant changes. As far as Chess Club is aware, this type of renewed policy still applies in most official circumstances but is unlikely to apply in informal situations or settings.

 The wording has been redacted in part to protect personal information.

Longbridge Chess Club members can now see what Insurance cover is actually taken out on their behalf!

Longbridge Chess Club does not guarantee indemnity cover will not be denied – this is merely an estimation of what the ECF based bulk Insurance Policy covers and is simply reprinted here purely as a courtesy to provide as much information as is possible.

If you have a problem; you should at least know you can speak to us – and we will do our level best to advise and assist if any claim is made against you; or if a claim is to be made on your behalf – but we cannot guarantee a successful outcome. We are not lawyers, merely club officials interpreting information – we cannot be held responsible if a claim is denied – we have done everything in our power that is reasonable to expect to protect our Longbridge Chess Club.

Please note Social Club Insurance Policies are likely to be in place – over which we have no control whatsoever, and cannot guarantee any claim relating to Social Club insurance.  Please be careful to tread carefully when visiting the Social Club.


Aviva Insurance UK Ltd Registered in England


Registered Office: 8 Surrey Street, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3NG

Authorised and regulated by Prudential Regulation Authority.




Policy Number Effective From: (RENEWED ON A YEARLY BASIS)

CCI Renewal Date : (RENEWED ON A YEARLY BASIS) by the ECF on behalf of the insurers

Annual Premium £495.02 Inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax


Your Details 2


The Policyholder: The English Chess Federation on behalf of Chess Clubs or other Chess Organisations which have been notified to Aviva Insurance UK Ltd as bodies to be indemnified under the terms of this policy.



Name English Chess Federation

As appointed representative of Green Insurance Brokers Ltd

Address The Watch Oak, Chain Lane,

Battle, East Sussex

TN33 0YD



Asset Protection Legal Liabilities

Business All Risks Public and Products Liability


Policy Number Effective From: (RENEWED ON A YEARLY BASIS)

CCI Renewal Date : (RENEWED ON A YEARLY BASIS) by the ECF on behalf of the insurers


Business All Risks

The premises of any chess club or organisation insured herein

Items 1 and 2 are insured anywhere in the United Kingdom include transit

Item Property Insured Sum Insured


1 Chess Equipment & Accessories including Trophies

Limit any one item £500 £16235


2 Personal effects (including clothing) while in any club house,

hut, sports pavilion or venue of any event.

Limit any one item £250



The first £25 of each and every loss (other than Damage caused by Fire Lightning or Explosion)


Special Endorsement 1:-

Cover in respect of Item 2 is limited to Fire and Theft only.


Special Endorsement 2:-

In respect of trophies each individual club shall list them on the proposal form at full replacement cost and full details need only be provided if a trophy is valued in excess of £500. A formal valuation is required for trophies valued in excess of £1,000.


Public and Products Liability

Limit of Indemnity £ 1 million


Special Endorsement 1

Clubs – Individual Liability to Members


The definition of the Insured is extended to include:-

“Members and officials of the insured club whilst taking part in activities of the club”

Care Risk Management Condition – Children, Youths

and Vulnerable Groups


If in relation to any claim, You failed to fulfil

the following conditions, You will lose your right

to indemnity and payment for the claim


Policy Number Effective From: (RENEWED ON A YEARLY BASIS)

CCI Renewal Date : (RENEWED ON A YEARLY BASIS) by the ECF on behalf of the insurers


1) You must adopt and follow the Safeguarding Children Policy of the English Chess Federation.


2) You securely retain for no less than 30 years


  1. employment and engagement applications, references, identity verification, records of Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) – formerly known as the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) – or similar statutory disclosure checks and related correspondence in respect thereof;


  1. Your protection policy, revisions and records of your protection policy training delivered to any person working for You or on Your behalf in a care role or having unsupervised access to any child or vulnerable group in Your care;


  1. Your accident and incident registers records of any alleged, actual or threatened abuse, assault or molestation and action taken including notifications to the appropriate authorities;


  1. all referral, assessment, treatment and care plans and related correspondence for any child or vulnerable group in your care.