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Longbridge Chess Club secured our first trophy – albeit a virtual one.

WMA players encounter each other over 2 games on match night with colours reversed in the second of two 15/10 Time Controls.

Our 1st Division squad consisting of Kevin Hurney, Robert Stern, Edward Small, Marcus Walsh and captain Stephen Woodhouse, started the campaign off with a 6-2 win against Hereford, securing the maximum 5 match points.

Stephen once again sat out the 5-3 win versus reigning champions Redditch. A result which set Longbridge on course for what would be a remarkable achievement if we were to pull off our title hopes. Another 5 points in the bag.

The 4½-3½ victory over Worcester in the third match signified that Longbridge Chess Club lifting our first ever trophy, was a real possibility. With two matches remaining, and a total haul of 14 points, left next opponent’s Solihull one point ahead in the race to be crowned champions.

Stephen finally got a seat at the table for the crunch encounter with Solihull. Adding another 4 match points with the 5½-2½ victory meant that on 18 points, the fate of our Championship winning season lay in our own hands.

The alumni of Warwick proved no threat as they succumbed to a 6-2 defeat. Longbridge Chess Club are subsequently West Midlands Area League, Spring 2021, Division 1 Champions with a total of 23 points, five clear of our nearest rivals, and looking forward to the Summer.

Our 2nd Division team also excelled all expectation by finishing 3rd in what can only be described as the rise of Longbridge. A feat which should not go unmentioned while extolling the virtues of our 1st team players and their miraculous accomplishment.

Building a new future in Longbridge starts with a mini revival we can all rally around!


Longbridge Chess Club came into existence officially on October 9th 2020 following almost two years of uncertainty. Tossed aside by management; Chess Club had been evicted from its former Clubroom.

In the ashes rising from a Phoenix, we should remember both workers and industry. Six thousand jobs targeted for redundancy. Ripped-off pensions. Lest we forget Comrades of an unholy union: whereupon these bomb-pecks, we are somehow supposed to feel grateful of new developments – the transformation to a better life has a feint echo of the past. Gentrification built upon service. Vultures swarm to a mini revolution. We shall remember them… Building a new future in Longbridge.

Chess Club had faced its perfect storm of unsympathetic new landlords, Covid-19 and the various cancers eating away through club personnel, without remorse.

Hard to imagine now as we embark upon a bright and exciting future at the Austin Sports & Social Club, where Chess Club had lived several times before; having leaped backwards and forwards across Longbridge Lane in an effort to survive. We were a Chess Club whose glory days were behind us until Steve Crees joined on September 13th 2016.

Our good fortune is to have fallen on our feet in securing the Concert Room at the Austin Sports and Social Club, which is to become our new Clubroom; once lockdown restrictions are lifted and we are permitted to meet.

Longbridge Chess Club became the culmination of four years work. A mere snapshot in a rich and diverse history which stretches nearly fifty years, from the very first meeting at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour to present day.

Numerous players have served this fine Chess Club throughout; and those that have played their part helped keep the Club alive.

We have a duty to look forward to what we can achieve. We are marrying into a relationship with the excellent new facilities that offer us incredible opportunity. We can match and exceed the success of recent years. Let us imagine a vision of the future where Over-the-Board Chess returns, where Longbridge Chess Club leads the way in innovation.

All we have to do is imagine what can be the next chapter in our extraordinary history, and turn this hope into reality. We have built a foundation with which to go forward: but there is work to be done. We only need help ourselves to the spoils central to our location. This is where it’s at; right here, right now. Longbridge Chess Club can be revered. Where we compete, we should strike fear that we’re gunning for titles; and where we provide hospitality, we should maintain the highest of standards in welcoming players, in hosting other teams and events; and in bringing exciting congress to our new club.



00 - squashed Greenlands

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Greenlands Chess Club suspended activities on March 10th 2020 due to Corona Virus. Academy was suspended.

Greenlands Select Social Club subsequently closed.

Greenlands Inn, newly refurbished, opened on July 4th 2020.

Our Clubroom no longer existed.

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Academy no longer exists.

Chess Club unable to meet until we move to the Austin Sports & Social Club. 


Greenlands retain the Nigel Towers Summer Chess Cup 2019 to secure a fifth Trophy since May 2018… our ten player team prevailed 7-3 overall and with a score of 5-1 to Greenlands on the top 6 boards; leaving Redditch to rue the fact some of their top players were missing. 



400 Max Team

Captain Spike Bignall and his squad of Roy Peters, Ian Truscott, Richard Collett, Brian Allsop and Andy Tipper; secured Greenlands our fourth trophy in just over 12 months without even a ball being kicked during the Women’s World Cup Semi Final the same evening of July 2nd 2019.

Taking 4 match points off visitors Warley Quinborne to reach the magical 30 points tally for the Summer League campaign; Greenlands Chess Club eased to the title already knowing that challengers Rushall had been beaten by Solihull the night before, a result which left no doubt the 400 Max trophy was heading to Greenlands.

South Birmingham completed the Division’s fixtures in beating Shirley & Wythall to leapfrog into second place.

Spike’s team had led the way from the outset and maintained supremacy throughout the Summer League season; Spike recovering a lost position in the very last game of an exciting evening, to record yet another famous win in what has been a personal triumph for our Captain. With stats of 10½ from 12 games, an 87.5% return matched by Ian; both players deserve extra credit for their performances. Andy, Richard, Roy and Brian also receive congratulations in what has been a fantastic effort from the whole squad!

Well done to the Green Army, who have once again brought renewed pride back to Greenlands Chess Club – the fourth trophy in recent times representing a habit of winning which is difficult to ignore.





Greenlands narrowly missed out on promotions from Birmingham and District Chess League Divisions 4 & 6 while almost gaining promotion from Worcester & District Chess League Division 2, finishing in 3rd place.

Greenlands Chess Club win the 2018/19 Barrington Plate Trophy

As Greenlands Chess Club grows from strength to strength; the introduction of a new Birmingham and District Chess League Division 6 team; the first new team to have been formed in over a decade; is one example of our Chess Club’s revival.

With one match to play; the League table shows Greenlands providing stiff opposition during a successful season in Division 6 – falling just short of promotion, a tremendous effort from Captain Spike Bignall’s team.

2018-19 TABLES

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Matt Rowe wins the Richard Collett Blitz 2018

seen here receiving his Trophy from Steve.


Greenlands begin hosting Worcestershire and Warwickshire County matches..


Greenlands win the Nigel Towers Summer Chess Cup 2018 – Captain Kevin Hurney seen here receiving the Trophy from Nigel.

Nigel and Kev best 1

Greenlands bounce back as Champions of Birmingham and District Chess League Division 5 2017/18 Season – Captain Stan Grayland seen here receiving the Division 5 Trophy from Peter Hughes.



Steve Crees becomes Secretary of Greenlands Chess Club May 2018

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David Grant and Roy Peters share the Dave Pugh Trophy after a draw in the final – seen here receiving the Trophy from Laurence Wheatley..


Richard Collett wins the Dennis Becket Trophy  – seen here receiving the Trophy from Laurence Wheatley.



Greenlands Chess Club introduce our new Chess Academy!


Greenlands relegated  to Division 5 – season 2017/18

Steve Crees joins Greenlands Chess Club September 13th 2016 which begins a new era of rejuvenation for the club – nothing will ever be the same again.

00 - squashed Greenlands