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Saturday June 15th 2019 was a remarkable success for Greenlands Chess Club – the first ever Greenlands Rapid Tournament shaped-up with 6 players entering the Open Section, 6 players entering the Graded Section, 5 players contesting the Ungraded Section, and three youngsters playing each other twice in the Junior Section. 

In spite of one player unable to arrive due to some inconsiderate twit walking under a Train at London Euston – not even the setback of the Greenlands urn doing a dying Swan act could thwart us from our goal!

Armed with just our kettle to cater for the afternoon – the tournament began to unravel with the Junior Section producing a winner: Aaron Machado, after a play-off with Gonzalo Hernandez.

The Open Section leapt forth with seasoned efficiency despite my Leaderboard being unfamiliar to our veterans of tournaments where organisers know what they’re doing.

The Ungraded Section turned out to be a clean sweep for winner Matthew Rowe, who’d been spared having to compete in the Junior Section; only to prove his worth with 4 straight wins to add this Rapid Title to the Blitz Tournament Matt won back in November 2018.

Kevin Hurney and Stephen Woodhouse shared 1st place with undefeated scores of 4.5 in the Open Section and Kevin won the play-off. Both received a not too insignificant Trophy almost as old as the two antiques receiving them; while Richard Collett took the graded prize with four wins!

Thanks must go to all the players for turning up and making the tournament such a fantastic day – and a special thank you to Andy who got me to the church on time so early in the morning; to Matthew and Joe for for being willing helpers as usual, and to Richard who patiently waited for me to clear up before driving me home – the day had started for me on a couple of hours sleep at 6:30am, and I was finally home by 7:40pm.

It was all worthwhile – the players raising a generous £38 in donations! I wasn’t expecting that when I rattled the cookie jar. But thank you all so much. I can only say how pleased I am with the outcome and look forward to an even better competition next summer! I think everyone enjoyed the event even if there were a few tears for our sensitive youngsters for whom we introduced the concept of the chess /tournament – the kids all going home with a Chess Book prize thanks to Stan, and for the adult that didn’t win; there is at least the memory of an excellent day spent playing this game we love! 

OPEN 2019.jpgGRADED 2019.jpgUNGRADED 2019.jpgJUNIOR 2019.jpgWP_20190615_15_09_11_Pro.jpgWP_20190615_15_09_19_Pro.jpgWP_20190615_15_12_06_Pro.jpgWP_20190615_15_12_15_Pro.jpgWP_20190615_15_12_38_Pro.jpgWP_20190615_15_13_06_Pro.jpg

Aaron Machado with his trophy and prize for winning the Junior Section


Kevin and Stephen finished in equal 1st place. Kevin won the play-off.
Richard picking up his 2nd Trophy of the year
Matthew tickled by my comment for the winner of the Ungraded Section