00 - squashed Greenlands

Mad Dogs and Englishman…  trained their thoughts upon the Olton Chess Club for the annual BDCL Lightning Tournament 2018 – which took place on Tuesday March 13th. The evening did not so much resemble Crufts – more an asylum of chess players requiring straightjackets.

I’ll lead with the scoop… that not having attended the event in person, I’m chewing on this rubber bone; relying upon hearsay and must give thanks to Alan Woollaston for providing the BDCL Results page upon which this article is based.

I can’t seem to shake the image of motorcyclist Alan bringing everyone to heel, as leader of the pack: a leather clad Barbara Woodhouse look-alike no less.

It was all a bit of a rush to start with. In the first match, Paul didn’t realise which team we were playing.


Team 5 versus 4. We were team 4 in a group of 6 teams let off the leash in an all-play-all format. The grading levelled Greenlands out into section B of 3 sections and the first team we played had White on board 1. We won 3-1, which was a good start for our boys.



We won again 3-1 in the second round. Again the other team, whoever they were; had White on board one… what a treat?It still begs the question reports Captain Paul Furniss – were the third team we were playing Walsall Kipping, Redditch or Shirley & Wythall? Who can blame Paul for being a little confused by the madness of the evening! From wherever the opposition howled, I liken this Greenlands team to Pavlov’s Dogs responding to the call of the 10-second buzzer with a 2-2 draw. News reached Greenlands with the twilight bark… The fourth team of relative huskies were current section leaders South Birmingham B. Paul won his game and Leigh managed to level the match for a 2-2 draw. If you ask me, all these lunatics need to be sectioned!  

After the penultimate match Greenlands had 10 points. South Birmingham had 10½
points and Boldmere 9 points. Paul thought we had a realistic chance of winning the section but Greenlands had to play Boldmere to do so. Paul was 4/4 at this point, Leigh Astley 3/4, David Grant 2/4 and Roy Peters 1/4.

I suspect Roy knew he was in for a rough night!

Roy will tell anyone he’s rubbish at speed chess: I’m just rubbish at chess. In spite of this all sounding like good fun, once the heart pounding dies away I’m sure – we must give a big bowl of credit to Roy, Paul, David and Leigh for feeding this frenzy of insanity. Leigh informs me he could still hear that buzzer going off every 10 seconds in his sleep.


LIGHTNING SECTION A 2018 - Copy - Copy.jpg


Uncharacteristically, Paul lost a Knight and then a few moves down the line, his Queen drastically vanished – call it error or blunder. David and Roy lost again whereas Leigh won to tie with Paul as our top players for the evening. It meant a 1-3 loss which was disappointing to Paul’s mind.

Boldmere leaped to second place behind South Birmingham B – both on 12½ points, but South Birmingham appear to have beaten Boldmere 3-1 – that’s likely what separated the two kennels.

LIGHTNING SECTION A 2018 - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

Greenlands had 11 points and we have to consider, our inexperienced pups went walkies with pride intact, wagging their cute little tails, having scratched this particular itch. Right boys… “Fetch!”