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This year’s main tournament is “The Dave Pugh Trophy” named in honour of the founding father of our Chess Club, and current President Dave Pugh.

Dave has kindly donated the Book Prize for last season’s successful event, and has once again agreed to letting me raid his bookcase. I cannot thank Dave enough for his help during my time at the club. 

The Dave Pugh Trophy will be an annual event using Birmingham and District Chess League Time Controls with the intention of encouraging and preparing our new players toward representing Greenlands in competition.

16 players entered Round 1 which was started on the evening of February 27th 2018. The winners of Round 1 continued into the Quarter Final Draw of this knockout competition, whilst the 8 players who did not make it through Round 1, entered the Greenlands Trophy Quarter Final Draw. The Greenlands Trophy is to be renamed memory of Dennis Beckett who once worked tirelessly on behalf of the club. 

The draw for the Quarter Finals was kindly made by John Hicks on April 3rd while the Quarter finals were scheduled for the evening of April 17th 2018. Subsequent draws were also made for each round to determine which players play the White pieces.

The Time Control is now 80 minutes per player with 10 seconds increments in which to make all moves. 

Unless the players agree upon playing a Rapid Game of 25 minutes per player – in the event of drawn games: 5 minutes per player Blitz can be agreed upon. Ian Truscott’s victory over Leigh Astley in the Semi-Final of 2018 was the first match to be decided by way. of a Blitz game. Ian subsequently went on to beat Roy Peters in the Final to become the 2018 Dave Pugh Trophy winner.



The Dennis Beckett Trophy 2018 as it is now known; was won by Stan Grayland, who beat surprise finalist Martin Simms. Martin can be very proud of his achievement in reaching the final – as can Stan for winning the trophy.


A further Trophy was then introduced consisting of those players new to the club – and players who had previously been knocked out of the Dennis Beckett Trophy.

This third trophy was named in memory of Fred Parker Trophy – another name from the past synonymous with the club’s history. All the trophies are designed so that players can gain experience with League Time Controls and conditions.

Tom Sherwood became the winner of the Fred Parker Trophy 2018. 


I hope to introduce 2 other Blitz and Rapid Tournaments at the earliest opportunity which will be named in honour of significant figures from the history of the club.  

I would also like to introduce a Junior tournament for our Academy students! In point of fact; The Greenlands Rapid event of 2019 was a success and included a Junior section.

A £1 voluntary entry fee for each Clubhouse Tournament will further assist with club finances. Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support. 


The larger trophy was renamed in honour of Dave Pugh, the slightly less imposing trophy became the Dennis Beckett Trophy, and new Trophies will be used for the Fred Parker, Blitz and Rapid Tournaments. However, it is my intention to rename the Fred Parker Trophy event; the St. James Trophy in recognition of the founding club from which Greenlands was formed.

Kevin Hurney will become the custodian of the former St. James shield which has seen better days and is in need of care and attention. 

TROPHIES reduced